Alaska Brown Bears 2022

Alaska Brown Bears 2022

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Tour dates are pending

We will be going back to visit the Brown Bears in Alaska. Our focus is to find natural bear behavior, from roughhousing cubs, a nursing sow, to adult bears catching fish.  Lake Clark offers some of the most ideal conditions. Bears can be found in the meadows, on the beach, in the sloughs, deltas, on the creeks, and even just outside the lodge.

Long days and a small group gives us the greatest opportunities to be in the right place at the right time. We are limiting the overall group size to no more than 8 people.  contact us now for information.

We will transport you in the morning by bush plane from Soldotna, AK to the lodge where the trips begins.   You can expect to be photographing bears before that afternoon. You will quickly see the flow of the trip is centered around the bear viewing.  You might also see Eagles, Fox, Otter, and a variety of other birds.  We have also spotted porcupine, wolf, and moose.

The trip is being offered at an amazing price and at a premium time of year!

Standard rate: $TBD per person

Single occupancy available upon request. If you would be traveling single and would like to be paired up (same gender) please let us know.

Deposits are non refundable. Additional terms and conditions apply.