Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints

Early in our photography career we thought to ourselves, “Everyone should see this! The colors, the emotions given to us from nature’s beauty… ” We started by offering that experience to other photographers but that left out so many others.  That is why we print our images. In today’s digital age, a computer screen fails to invoke the feeling a museum quality print will.

Why GP Walsh Photography

GP Walsh Photography is a family business. You will always connect with Pat and George Walsh. Husband and wife photographers that care about the product that will be displayed in your home or office. There are no high pressure sales person like often found in an art gallery. That also means we are personable, available to answer questions, ensuring our clients have a connection with us as well as the art. It does not matter if you are purchasing a single prints for your room or filling you entire home, we pride ourselves on providing exception customer service to everyone.

Museum Quality

There is certainly a significant number of photographers producing some amazing images. We strive to set ourselves apart from the rest with using the best finished product available. Whether you select DH Metal Prints or Tru Life Acrylic, we use the best labs who in turn use the highest quality materials.

Compare this print option and decide which is right for you.

Chomaluxe HD Metal Prints are a dye-sublimation printing process. The color dyes are infused on to a specially coated metal. The results are outstandingly clear and vibrant with exceptional detail and resolution.

We utilize a 2mm black Styrene backing and finished with a black Metal Inset Frame.

Tru Life Acrylic Mount

If the absolute best is what you seek, look no further than Tru Life Acrylic Prints.

Tru Life Acrylic Prints feature a Antireflective and scratch resistance acrylic face, Lumachrome Print, a 3mm DiBond Aluminium backing with a Super HD 1.375″ ROMA back mounted floating frame for epic sizes up to 60″ x 120″ capacity.

Lumachrome prints offer the greatest color depth of any print material available today. This special printing process surpasses Fujiflex Prints that are traditionally used for museum quality prints.

Sometimes you just want something specific. Framing, even bigger prints, triptych prints, or you need assistance with image selection. Most of time we can handle your custom requests via email or over the phone.

Acrylic prints may reach up to 60×120″ and Metal Prints may reach up to 48×96″. We reserve sizes larger than published online to private consultations. 


Many artists have complicated tiers for setting edition size as a way to drive sales to the largest print available as it has the lowest volume of prints available. However we feel the best way to be fair to collectors is by counting every fine art print in the edition regardless of the size or medium.

Our works are limited to editions of 50 prints. It does not matter what material they are printed on or what size print is purchased. Collectors will receive a certificate of authenticity for each print they add to their collection and the owners information will be entered into our collector registry.