What Art means to you

We are pretty sure that the art we create has a unique meaning to everyone. We feel that there is always an emotion attached. Something that brings you back to a time, an adventure, or a feeling. For some reason, images of trees bring back childhood memories for many. It could’ve been a camping trip, a tree house, a rope swing, a trip to a lake, climbing trees, a hike or maybe even your childhood backyard.

Sul Duc Cascade

Water, promotes tranquility and relaxation. The visuals can even recall the sounds of waves or rushing water,  the smell of sea water, and even the feeling of the mist in the air. Desert scenes have a similar effect but carry solitude and warmth.

Wildlife is different because for many it is a personal encounter, but for others it actually brings a sense of adventure or excitement. We feel wildlife is majestic in this way. Its not just about a past experience, they can carry you into the future. 

Waiting for Lunch | GP Walsh Photography

Every image is a destination, but we think it truly represents a journey. Either one from days long ago or one that is yet to come. We know that every image has a different journey for each person, but we feel like we were able to take each of you on the journey with us.