The Power of the CPL Filter

A CPL filter is a circular polarizing filter. There are used to reduce glare or reflections from glass, water, leaves or even the sky. CPL filters work the best when the light source is 90 degrees from the subject to yield the greatest effect. 

The effects can really be dramatic. When photographing landscapes they can greatly enhance the sky to bring out nice deep blues. On water a CPL can  reduce all those glare spots that block the rocks below the surface or a nice reflection of the sky above.

If you are into wildlife, a CPL can save the day in harsh light. In this image the sun was high above during late morning. If we under expose to get the detail that is full of glare, the shadows would be completely black. The CPL reduced the glare and normalized the light significantly. 

There are a lot of brands out there. We really like Breakthrough Photography. Their filters offer solid construction, no color cast, no wiggle, weather sealed, excellent light transmission, and they retain sharpness. Oh, and they have a 25 year guarantee.

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