Filters and Long Exposures - gpwalsh

This workshop is typically offered in the Phoenix area or in addition to any other workshop we offer. We will include our Haida Filter setup. We will show you the effects of each filter and how to use use them.

The Professional Filter kit will include:

  • Tha Haida Filter holder system
  • Integrated CPL
  • Soft Grad Filter
  • Reverse Grad Filter
  • 6 Stop ND Filter
  • 10 Stop ND Filter

This is a 2 day workshop. We meet around noon on the first day and discuss the parts of the kit, what each filter does, and how to properly install them. We will then proceed to shoot late afternoon and sunset images and continue into the night for some night photography. On day 2 we will plan for a sunrise and finish off with a image review and discussion

We will adjust this workshop based on the location if you add this to any other workshop.

The cost of this workshop is $950

A Haida Filter Pro Professional Kit is included in this price

Not included: travel, accomindations, or meals.

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