If you like horses, you will love to see them in the wild. There is nothing like seeing them roaming some of America's vast landscapes. Most of these locations require high clearance, 4x4 vehicles with the ability to handle the rugged terrain. 

Due to the remote locations and rough terrain, we limit each tour to only 2 people. You will ride in our vehicle which is well equipped for each location.

Wild Horses in a given area are classified as a herd. Each herd is usually isolated from other herds. Each herd is broken down into small groups, called bands. These bands range in size from 2-20 horses. Sometimes bands will group together and it is possible to see 100, 200 or even more all at once. 

Tour rates start at $500 per day.

Rate includes daily snacks, water, and transportation during the tour.  Rates will vary for hotels. Transportation to and from the hotel, before and after the tour is not included but can be arranged. Nonrefundable deposits are required to book a tour, payment in full required 60 days in advance and are non refundable.