Bears in Lake Clark Alaska 2023


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August 14-20 2023

Join us on our tour to one of the best places to view Alaska Brown Bears. Lake Clark is one of the few locations where view is not limited to platforms or extreme viewing distances. You simply can not view brown bears (or any bear for that matter) like you can view these bears for one reason... They have become human habituated not food habituated. That means they do not connect humans with food. They also do not associate humans with a fear response. That means people are just there, part of the environment.

While grazing, clamming, and fluffy cubs, yearlings, are still playful, August brings the Silver Salmon into the waterways. That is where we hope to find the action. 


Hotel in Soldotna on Aug 14th

Charter bush plane from Soldotna to the remote lodge on Aug 15th.

Lodging Aug 15-20

Bush plane returning to Soldotna on Aug 20th

Group will be limited to a total of 9 people including us. 


For additional info and to reserve your booking, please contact us.

Does not include alcohol. gratuities, transportation to or from Soldotna at the beginning or end of the tour, hots & meals beyond those listed above.